A good cookware set is hard to find. Sometimes we'll weed through endless search results and online reviews to see which pots are better for gas versus electric, or which pans will slowly release chemicals into our kitchen. And then comes the terrifying moment of truth: seeing if the set we like is as non-stick as it promises.

Brands like Made In provide a respite from all of the cookware-shopping drama. Their trustworthy kitchen collections are trendy best sellers for a reason: they always do exactly what we want them to. Made In was created specifically for chefs, spawning from a decades-old kitchen-supply company. It now supplies products directly to Michelin-starred restaurants, so you can be assured that everything they make is top of the line.

Now for the best news: this Presidents' Day, Made In is having a site-wide sale with major discounts. The brand is offering up to 30 percent off on categories like cookware, knives, bakeware, and tableware. That includes their best-selling Carbon Steel set, which is "like cast iron, but better" and their professional quality non-stick Stainless Steel sets.

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Shop some of our favorite picks from the sale:

Shop Made In's Presidents' Day Sale
The Carbon Steel Sets
Made In Cookware The Carbon Steel Sets
Now 35% Off
$185 at Made In Cookware
The Glassware Set
Made In Cookware The Glassware Set
The Stainless Sets
Made In Cookware The Stainless Sets
Now 13% Off
Non Stick Frying Pan
Made In Cookware Non Stick Frying Pan
Now 15% Off
The Knife Set
Made In Cookware The Knife Set
Now 14% Off
Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan
Made In Cookware Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

All of these items are marked down by 20 to 30 percent from February 17 to 20, but we fully endorse paying full price if you don't snag them in time. Having a kitchen full of high-quality, durable cookware is always worth the extra dough (wink wink.)

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