During lockdown, people on TikTok developed a remarkable mastery of copycat Starbucks recipes. Unable to roll up to our local drive-thru, millions relied on CookTok's tips for making frappuccinos, pink drinks, lemon loaves, and seasonal lattes at home.

CAROTE 4-Cup Egg Pan

4-Cup Egg Pan

CAROTE 4-Cup Egg Pan

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Even now, after returning to our regular breakfast routines, TikTok remains obsessed with one copycat recipe in particular: Starbucks egg bites. In defiance of rising egg prices, #eggbites now has over 75 million views on the platform.

While many swear by a DIY sous-vide method in the oven, we simple folk prefer to make ours on the stove like a mini frittata. With the help of this affordable four-cup egg pan from Amazon, making TikTok's favorite healthy egg bites recipe is easier than ever before.

With the CAROTE 4-Cup Egg Pan, you can split any frittata recipe into single servings that are ideal for weekend brunches and meal-prepped weekday breakfasts. But note that you'll need to cut down the cooking time by a few minutes to ensure the small egg cups don't overcook.

The $20 pan can also be used to cook a full breakfast without creating a sinkful of dirty pans. Use one cup for eggs, one for breakfast sausages, and the remaining two for pancakes. Amazon reviewers say it's also great for burgers, breakfast sandwiches, and fried eggs, but recommend using a small, flexible baking spatula to ensure perfect flips.

"It has changed my cooking routine," writes one five-star reviewer. "It cooks evenly, cleans up perfectly, and always looks great. Most of all, it's versatile. I use it for bacon, eggs, veggies, burgers, steak, shrimp—you name it. As long as I'm cooking on the stove, this pan is my go-to."

The mini omelet pan is constructed using die-cast technology and features a 5mm-thick nonstick coating free of PFOS and PFOA. Unlike other egg frying pans, it's designed without nooks and crannies where bacteria can linger. Use a bit of butter or cooking oil, and the rivetless interior can be wiped down with a damp paper towel or rinsed in the sink for speedy clean-up.

Available on Amazon for just $20, the CAROTE 4-Cup Egg Pan is an excellent tool for TikTok egg bite experts and first-timers alike. For a limited time, Amazon Prime members can click a $2 off coupon to save even more.

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