Tackling a game-day spread? Hosting a casual cocktail party? Have an unexpected group of friends dropping by on a Friday night after work? Dips are a no-fuss, no-muss answer to easy entertaining: Just serve them with chips or crackers and you have a tasty, satisfying snack, no heavy lifting required. If you’re wondering which ones are best suited for which kinds of events, we have the answers. We’ve partnered with Heluva Good! for a quick look at the best dips for every situation.

For the Big Game

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Harness the traditional flavors of game day with Heluva Good! Limited Edition Buffalo Wing Dip. This fiery dip, a spin on spicy Buffalo wings, is excellent served alongside tortilla chips, mixed into a warm Buffalo chicken dip, or with wings themselves for a one-two punch. Dunk your broccoli, carrots, and celery into a bowl of even more spicy flavor.

For a Dinner Party

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An elevated evening with friends calls for an elevated appetizer. Heluva Good! Bacon Horseradish Dip, with its slight hint of heat and its savory bacon flavor, is a perfect introduction thanks to its complex taste and creamy texture. Present it with hearty crackers and watch your guests ooh and aah over its complex deliciousness. Serve it in your finest dishware, and no one will be able to puzzle out how quickly you put together such a fantastic spread.

For Hungry Youngsters

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For the kids who arrive without notice—your kids’ playmates, perhaps?—Heluva Good! Buttermilk Ranch Dip is a perfect anytime snack. Set it out with crunchy crudités (adults will love this, too!) and watch how quickly it disappears. Keep baby carrots and celery sticks on hand for insta-snacks any time, any day.

For Movie Night

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Bust out your crunchiest kettle-style potato chips and your Heluva Good! French Onion Dip at your next movie night at home. Caramelized onions give it a sweet-and-savory quality, so if you munch along with whatever movie candy you happen to be snacking on, you get a combo that really hits all the senses. And that iconic French-onion flavor, just like movie night, will never go out of style.

For Unexpected Guests

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Have visitors stopped by without warning, catching you off guard? With its simmering heat and intense cheddar flavor, Heluva Good! Jalapeño Cheddar Dip nicely complements crackers and that bottle of wine you happened to find at the back of your pantry. And if you have them on hand, chopped scallions, pickled jalapeños, and black olives can up the ante.

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