As I've said before, there are lots of kinds of potatoes. Ranging in color, size, texture, and taste, there's a potato out there for every person and every dish. One of the best uses of potatoes IMHO? Potato salad. With taters being the main ingredient in the dish, the type you choose can make a big difference. Here are our thoughts on the best potatoes to use for potato salad.

Avoid Starchy Spuds

This might seem obvious to some, but traditional potatoes like Russets are a no-go for potato salad. The added starch provides fluffy texture, which is great in a baked potato or French fry, but not in a salad where the potato has to stand up against a flavorful and often thick dressing. When sliced, chopped, and mixed, starchier potatoes will break down, beginning to mash and leaving a layer of potato over...everything.

Go For Waxy...

Waxy potatoes are, you guessed it, waxy, which means they have a thin, papery skin you can remove easily. Waxy varieties tend to have a bit more body and moisture content and keep their shape well when cooked. What's more: They're excellent flavor absorbers.

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Our favorites for potato salad are red or red bliss. Peeling isn't required for either (win), which makes prep so much easier and they add a pop of color to the finished dish.

Or All-Purpose Potatoes

Never heard of this term? All-purpose potatoes are the workhorse potato, the middle ground between waxy and starchy. (They can be subbed in when either is called for in a recipe.) The most iconic (and our favorite) all-purpose potato is the ultra-creamy Yukon gold. They're perfect for a richer, potato-forward salad.

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